The first appearance of the soufflé was in the early 1700’s. A French cook named Vincent De La Chappelle was the first known person to make this dessert , who cooked for Madame De Pompadour. In 1783 Antoine Beauvilliers was the first chef to open a high end restaurant with soufflés on the menu. She also put it in her cookbook “The Art of the Cook”. The word soufflé means “to blow up”. February 28th is known as National Chocolate Soufflé day. May 18th is National Cheese Soufflé day.

Souffles are a very tricky dessert to make and must be served as soon as they are made. Mix the batter to much and it will not rise properly. Mix it to little and there will be egg whites streaked through the soufflé. This is a baked egg-based dish.ba62e68f-110f-47cb-b7fe-c294bfd24ec2.jpg