Flan has always been known as a mexican dessert. Almost every Mexican restaurant has flan on the menu. Flan was not, originally, a Mexican dessert. It came to Mexico in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Flan itself dates back to the Ancient Romans. They were the first to domesticate the chickens and therfore ended up with a lot of eggs. It started out as a savory dish and it was originally a flat custard cake called “flado”. Spain was the first to introduce caramelized sugar into the flan mix. The Moors introduced citrus fruits and nuts to the mix. But, for the most part the main part of flan, as well as how to make it, remains the same(cream, sugar and eggs).

The hardest part about making flan is the Carmel threat goes at the bottom of the dish. It is very easy to either burn the sugar or crystallize it. The rest of the dish is a custard based dish that is then poured over the Carmel and then cooked in a water bath. It is served inverted on a plate so that the Carmel is served on top of the custard. img_0687.jpg