This confection is from Brazil.  It is called brigadeiro.  It is a chocolate caramel truffle, rolled in chocolate sprinkles.  They were named after a 1940’s Brazilian Brigadeiro General, Eduardo Gomes.  In 1945 Gomes ran for presidency.  The local woman who supported Gomes were the ones who created the confection.  They created it to sell and raise money for Gomes campaign.  Even though Gomes did not win the election, the confections went on to be a staple at every birthday party and be the unofficial confection of the country.

This confection is fairly easy to make.  It does take some time though.  You must continually stir the chocolate mixture or it will burn and it takes awhile to thicken up to the correct consistency.  But I am a chocolate lover and a caramel lover, so this confection is perfect for me.  It is definitely worth the time and effort put into making this confection.  It is very rich though, so one is all I can eat.

get all your ingredients out

combine the sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder and salt in a heavy bottom sauce pan

cook the milk mixture over low heat

stirring constantly cook for approx 20 minutes, or until it is very thick and begins to pull away from the sides and is very shiny

remove from heat and add the vanilla and the butter and combine until the butter is melted

refrigerate for 30 minute or until completely cool

roll chocolate into balls and roll in chocolate sprinkles.  Chill until service