Peanut Butter/Marmalade

Who doesn’t love it?

Aztecs and Incas created the first type of peanut butter.  They ground down roasted peanuts to a paste.  Peanut butter as we know it today was created due to technology creations.  in 1884 Marcellus Gilmore Edison, of Canada, created peanut paste.  In 1895 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg created the process for making peanut butter from raw peanuts.  The peanut butter machine was created, in America, in 1903 by Dr. Ambrose Straub.  Technically you dont need a peanut butter machine to make peanut butter, so that means that, in my opion, it was created by a combination of Marcellus Gilmore Edison’s creation of peanut paste and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who created the process of making peanut butter from raw peanuts, that really created peanut butter.

What a great invention.  If you are lucky enough to not be allergic to nuts, which I am not, then who of those people does not love peanut butter.  It goes with so much.  I love it in candy, in shakes, in peanut sauce for satays, heck I love just getting a spoon and eating it(which I did many times when I was pregnant with my first child).  And it is so easy to make.  Roast some unsalted peanuts, put them in a blender and blend until it pulls the oils out and creates peanut butter.  Add salt if you would like and/or sugar.  However you like it.  It is usually healthy and more designed to your own tastes when you do it yourself.

roast raw unsalted peanutsput them in a blenderblend until it is smooth and pulls the oils out. Then add salt, if you like and/or hot peanuts if you like it crunchy.

for the marmalade, cut oranges and lemon into half moon slicesput the fruit and water into a potbring fruit to a boil, then remove from heat and add sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved then cover and leave at room temperature for 8 hours then bring back to a boil and simmer for 2 hours then turn up the heat and cook til they reach 220 fput in preheated jars to keep them from breaking. Enjoy.