Banana Bread

Such an amazing fruit. There are so many good health benefits to bananas. It is said that Banana bread is good for your heart. A sweet bread that is good for you that has the texture of cake, what is better?

Banana bread was created about the same time as baking soda. This was in the 1930’s. It first arrived in the a Pillsbury cookbook, but was considered more of a cake than bread. Bananas made their debut in the USA in the 1870’s and everyone instantly liked them.

Banana bread is a simple thing to make, consisting of bananas, eggs, oil, flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. However there are about 500 different variations. My kids love banana bread and I like making it for them, knowing that it is good for them. The great thing is that it is good for dessert, snack and dessert.

get all of your ingredients together

combine flour, baking soda, and salt

combine sugar, oil, and eggs

Combine wet and dry ingredients then add yogurt and bananas. Mix until just combined. Fold in nuts, if using.

pour batter into prepared bread loaf pan

bake at 350 f for about an hour.


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