Cinnamon Roll

What is better than the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls? I dont know about you but the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, is one of my favorite smells. And the taste? Little beats it in my book.

A little bit about the cinnamon roll. This little roll of deliciousness was created in Sweeden about 2000 years ago. They even have a cinnamon roll day. It is called kanelbullens dag’. It was made offical on October 5th 1999. Now the rolls that were made in Sweden are not as sweet as the ones that we make here in America. They use cardomon as one of the spices. They do, of course, put cinnamon in their rolls, as they are the ones that created it that way.

The cinnamon itself did not come from Sweden. It came from Egypt in 2,000 B.C. Egypt was, also, the place were Yeast breads were created in 1,000 B.C.. The sugarcane comes from New Guinea. And in the 1700’s Northern Europeans created the super-rich, butter infused yeast dough.

This dessert, breakfast, snack, or whatever you want to call it, is not the easiest of things to make. No butter enriched dough is. But it is worth it. Anything with fat in it, inhibits the yeast. Its not impossible, just not as easy. The best way that I have found, is to activate the yeast before I put it in with the flour. You, also, have a few rules to follow to not kill the yeast. Activate it in liquid that is too hot will kill it and put it in direct contact with salt and it will kill the yeast. I activate my yeast in the milk I use, at 95 degrees ferenheit, and sugar.

gather all of your ingredients

activate the yeast with sugar and warm milk

combine all ingredients, except butter

slowly add the butter, combining well after each addition

mix with dough hook until smooth, it pulls away from the bowl and passes the window pain test

cover and let rise for about 2 hours

roll out into a rectangle

brush with butter then sprinkle sugar, cinnamon and, of you want, nuts

roll up tightly

Cut 2″ peices and put on a nonstick sprayed pan, about 2″ apart

spray top, cover and let rise for about an hour

Bake until tops are golden

make a frosting, I used powdered sugar, milk and vanilla, but you can make any frosting that you want.

cover cinnamon roll with frosting and enjoy

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