Chocolate Truffle

What is wrong with a rich chocolate ganache coated in, well anything? Absolutely nothing. It is rich and luxurious.

This luscious chocolate ball was created in Chambery, France in the 1920’s. It was created, on accident, by Escoffier’s apprentice. He accidentally poured hot cream over chocolate pieces, instead of an egg mixture, ment for a pastry cream. And we all thank him very much for that happy accident. Escoffier was very upset and yelled “ganache” at the apprentice, which means “fool” in French. Then, after he began to stir the chocolate mixture, he noticed that he could work with the chocolate by hand and roll them into other powders or nuts and create a delicate treat. It was not until later that the truffles were coated in chocolate.

There are other, what Americans call truffles, that were created. They have flavored creams, jams and other whipped soft centers, coated in chocolate, but these are not truffles, in the traditional sence. The chocolate truffle got its name because it looked like the irregular shape fungus, called a truffle. Truffle comes from the latin term tuber, which means lump.

The hardest part about making the hard chocolate coated truffles in the chocolate coating. It requires you to temper chocolate. If the chocolate is to hot when you pour it into the molds, you will not get that nice “crack” that properly tempered chocolate has and it will not be shiny either. Too cold and it will be a lumpy mess and not smooth. Tempered chocolate needs to be between 87 degrees farenheit to 91 degrees farenheit.

On a side note. I am trying to start my own bakery, but have not been able to get funding. All the banks want an established business. So I have started a crowd funding account on kickstarter to try to get funding. I do not usually ask for help, however I have exhausted all other avenues and am very set on finding a way to make my dreams come true. I will be putting a link to my site. Any little bit helps. Thank you.

Dina’s Delicious Delights, via @Kickstarter

20190318_1541201445175661878190219.jpgget your ingredients our for the ganache20190318_1541296527931408403257842.jpgweigh out the chocolate and the heavy cream(should be a 2 to 1 ratio, chocolate to cream), heat the heavy cream, pour it over the chocolate and mix until smooth, then stir in the flavor of choice



get out the chocolate and the mold you are using for your truffles

melt the chocolate20190318_1553317634889651536151817.jpgonce the chocolate is melted, remove from heat and begin to add small amounts of unmelted chocolate at a time until the temp of the chocolate is between 87-91 degrees farenheit20190318_1729502449157808524486310.jpgfill the cavity of the mold with chocolate and then turn upside down and remove extra chocolate by using a dough scraper to scrape the chocolate off the top and sides of the mold.  Then let dry completely and add the chocolate ganache20190318_1745236320188340877616941.jpgmelt chocolate again and bring it to the correct temp then put over the top of the mold20190318_1746447062460873819632014.jpgscrape the extra chocolate off the top of the mold and let dry completely20190318_192511226814408348470361.jpgif tempered correctly, when you turn the mold over the chocolates should come out of the mold easy and enjoy.

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