Creme Brulee

Oh that rich luxurious vanilla custard, with the burnt sugar top. Who does not love it? I know I do. I do play around with the flavors a lot.

Where did the creme brulee originate from? No one really knows. France, England and Spain all try to lay claim that they are the ones that created this amazing dessert. In the 18th century there was a dessert in Catalan called ‘crema Catalana’. This dessert was a combination of custard and a caramel. They claim that this was the first creme brulee. In 1630, at Trinity college in Cambridge England, there was a dessert called ‘burnt cream’. This, as well, was a custard dessert with burnt caramel. In 1691 the first printed recipe, of the creme brulee as we know it today, was released in a French cookbook.

So you decide where you believe it originated from. It is a rich egg based custard that is cooked in a water bath and then topped with sugar, which is then torched to create that hard carmalized sugar topping. In this version I did a chocolate mint creme brulee.

get all of your ingredients out and measured

split the sugar into 2 bowls. Mix half with the eggs

mix the other half of the sugar with heavy cream and the flavoring you want to use. In this case mint

for this recipe, after the heavy cream came to a boil, I poured it over dark chocolate

mix until completely melted. Then, while whisking vigorously, pour in egg mixture

make sure mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spatula

strain mixture through sieve

cool over an ice bath

Pour into ramekins and put in a dish with high sides

pour water in dish until it comes halfway up the outside of the ramekins, cover with foil, then poke holes in foil for steam to escape

Bake in a water bath

cool then put a layer of sugar on top

Torch the sugar until it is evenly caramelized

eat And enjoy

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