Sweet Potato Pie

If you have never tried this amazing pie, you need to. It is similar to the pumpkin pie, only better, in my opinion.

The sweet potato was first cultivated in Peru in 750 BC, but was not made into a pie until the 18th century. The Europeans brought the pumpkin pie to West Africa in the 16th century and the West Africans used that idea to create the sweet potato pie. The sweet potato was a native vegetable to West Africa and it only takes one sweet potato to make a whole pie. They then brought the sweet potato pie to the US and the slaves in the south made the sweet potato pies for their owners.

The first written record of the sweet potato pie recipe, was in a English cookbook in 1747.

This pie is a combination of sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, and spices. It is a creamy pie, that is often topped with whip cream.

get measure out the ingredients for the crust

mix the butter and sugar together

Add the egg yolks and mix

add The flour and mix until a crumbly mixture forms (do not over mix or the crust will shrink)

Pour mixture out onto a lightly floured surface and bring together by hand

roll it into a ball and flatten into a round, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes

roll out, on a lightly floored surface, to fit the pie tin or tart tin

measure out ingredients for the filling

combine the sweet potatoes and butter

add All the other ingredients and mix. Then pour into the prepared pan and bake.

remove from oven when there is just a slight jiggle, and let cool completely

top with whip cream

serve it to someone you love.

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